Pah Shop

Pah Shop
Tucked in the former study of the Pah Homestead, the Pah Shop is a Wunderkammer brimming with locally-made wares all carefully curated for the art-lover who loves to shop. Every purchase you make goes towards supporting the Wallace Arts Trust’s dedication to nurturing the creation and development of the arts in all its wonderful forms. 

Coinciding with the Pah Homestead’s current ground floor exhibitions, the Pah Shop’s mantel and vitrine are a place for emerging New Zealand practitioners to showcase and sell their work.

Mantle Pieces Series
Sophie Guilford-Smith – Conversational

Alongside a practice that focuses on more characteristic imagery Sophie Guilford-Smith likes to make these smaller scale text works which allow her to play with paint and colour. The text Guilford-Smith uses as a base for these usually originates from conversations she has had, highlighting a joke or phrase that would be specific to a conversation in particular. She likes how becoming friends with someone via proximity is the just the result of layers of conversations that build up over time. How the unique chemistry people have with each other can produce strange musings as a result of the humour they have in common. These in-jokes and references can mean nothing to someone who wasn’t part of the conversation but a lot to those who were. Guilford-Smith enjoys taking these phrases out of their original context to see what conclusions others might draw from them, whether this alludes to the exclusivity and belonging we share with our peers or something else entirely.

Sophie Guilford Smith is an Auckland based artist who graduated from Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design with a bachelor of Fine Arts in 2015.

The Vitrine
Chloe Rose Taylor – Smile and Wave
Smile and Wave is a collection of pieces which Chloe Rose Taylor has constructed while considering the empowerment of women. Each piece brings to light the strength and power she feels as a woman and acknowledges the fragile nature of being human. The title is suggestive of our long standing ability within society to pretend we’re doing ok and choose not to speak our niggling truths. 

Taylor is a Wellington based contemporary jeweller and object maker who has developed a reputation for constructing exciting one-off works that are playful, and openly flout the rules. Which rules are those you ask? She doesn’t know either. She uses a wide and varied range of techniques such as metal-smithing and hand sewing  to assemble her pieces, drawing on her background in the applied arts.

Taylor studied contemporary jewellery at Whitireia New Zealand graduating with honours in 2013. Her work is supported by a number of prominent New Zealand galleries who invite her to exhibit regularly.

Tuesday – Friday: 10am-3pm
Weekends: 9.30am-5pm


Felixe Laing – Pah Shop Manager
+ 64 9 639 2010 ext. 980

Pah Shop Call for Proposals: Mantel Pieces Series

Opportunity for an emerging artist to display work in the Pah Shop at Wallace Arts Trusts Pah Homestead. Your work will be on show during the Wallace Awards, Pah Homestead’s biggest night of the year! We are welcoming proposals for the next artist in our Mantel Pieces Series from the 27th of August until the 11th November. Applications due Saturday August 18th 1pm.

– We are looking for wall work outside of the painting medium
– The space available is located in the Pah Shop above the fire place on the display board measuring       1800x1220mm
– All work will be for sale
– Preferably multiple works
– Works retailing between $80- $500 (including a commission rate)
– Work delivered for install on the weekend of the 25th-26th August

Please provide the following to apply,
– Application Form pdf
– An artist resume, one page
– 2-5 high resolution images of the work

Do not hesitate to contact the shop manager Felixe with any questions at